December 16, 2020

Estrogen Cream For Menopause And Breast Dryness

Side effects of Estrogen Cream have been identified. Although the best possible age and frequency of intake of estrogen cream with progestin has not been clearly established, most medical treatment recommendations advise application of this cream approximately 1 to 2 times per day; treatment should normally be applied for at least several weeks prior to considering other alternatives. Possible side effects of estrogen cream include facial flushing, breast tenderness and growth, heart palpitations, decreased sex drive and bone loss. Some women may experience more severe side effects like abnormal bleeding, heart problems, stroke and increased blood pressure. To be safe, always talk to your doctor. However, we do know that women who combine hormonal therapy with menopausal treatment using an estrogen-progestin cream experience less breast cancer and lower rates of osteoporosis than women who don’t.

Estrogen creams with progestin have also been studied in women with breast cancer who were not treated with hormone therapy. Using these creams, women with breast cancer had a greater response rate than those without cancer, but their response was only partial. Therefore, it is unclear whether the estrogen cream with progesterone and/or testosterone produces optimal results in all women with breast cancer. This is one of many reasons why researchers are recommending that clinical trials be conducted to determine the success rate and safety profile of these medications.
Another study showed that estrogen supplementation using topical estrogen gel reduced the development and spread of prostate tumors in male patients with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH). Testosterone is converted into estrogen during the testicular stage, so the introduction of an estrogen capsule either directly into the bloodstream or via a cream is believed to help maintain higher levels of testosterone throughout the reproductive years. The study showed a significant reduction in the number of prostate tumors in the treatment group as compared to the placebo group. However, the exact mechanism by which estrogen supplementation prevents the development of prostate tumors has not been fully understood.
There are various brands of Estrogen Vaginal Cream available. The most popular type of Estrogen Vaginal Cream is manufactured by Estheticians. It contains one percent of estrogens in its purest form, and has a faint aroma. The cream is applied to the outermost layer of the vagina. The manufacturer recommends that you use Estrogen Vaginal Cream at bedtime, three times a week, for effective results. The cream can be used as needed or every three weeks to maintain improvement.
Some users of Estrogen Vaginal Cream have reported experiencing positive benefits. One woman stated that her dryness was relieved and she no longer felt itchiness or soreness after applying the cream. She did not, however, like the texture of the product, saying that it left a cottony feeling on her vagina. Another woman stated that her vaginal dryness and itching were gone when she started using the cream. She did not, however, report any sexual benefits from using the cream.
Vagina Estrogen Therapy is safe and, if used properly, has no serious side effects. If you are thinking about getting pregnant, you should wait until after your first cycle or start taking the medication shortly before beginning your second or third pregnancy. It is important to note that this topical treatment for menopause and vaginal estrogen does not work in all women. A woman with ovarian cancer, or cancer of the uterus, bladder, breast or prostate should not use Estrogen Vaginal Cream. Women using other hormonal therapy including tamoxifen, birth control pills and steroidal hormonal replacement therapy should not use the cream.